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The proposed Marvin Nichols Reservoir would be one of the biggest transfers of private land to public in recent Texas history.

How would Marvin Nichols impact you and your family?

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"We need to educate our friends and neighbors NOW about Marvin Nichols and
encourage them to join the fight to Stop Marvin Nichols."

Testimonials from your local community:

We really need to preserve everything that we have and not to destroy it.


It would cover the cemetery where my dad & other family members are buried as well as a cemetery where generations from my mom's side are buried. I would be absolutely devastated.


I was forced to sell property to Luminant in 2009 at Leesburg, Texas. It was considered an eminent domain. Now, look where Luminant is, and my old home place is literally a dump. I know how each one of you feel. Fight! Fight! Fight!


The bigger cities should not make their solution our problem. How can we become their problem?


It’ll flood thousands of acres of hardwood trees along with archeological sites. It will destroy a unique ecosystem and take our seven-generation ranch. It will also destroy a great school system.