Letters to the Editor — Water for a fake lagoon…

By Letters to the Editor

The Dallas Morning News, February 4, 2022

Water for a fake lagoon

Re: “’Ready to get it going’ — Anna lagoon may open this year, developer says,” Tuesday Metro & Business story.

I read with interest this story about the lagoon project in Anna. The story mentioned several other lagoon projects proposed for or under way for the area.

Did you know that there are 326,000 gallons in an acre foot of water? That is, an acre in an area one foot deep. I used a depth of 3 feet, though I can guess the new lagoon will be deeper, to calculate that the Anna lagoon would hold 2,249,400 gallons of treated water.

The rate of evaporation in the Texas summer would require a constant source to keep it replenished. Where would this water, and the fresh water in all the other lagoons in the area, come from?

This takes us to the controversy surrounding the Marvin Nichols reservoir in Northeast Texas. To quote an article from station KETR-FM (88.9): “The Marvin Nichols Reservoir remains a theoretical project that its proponents believe will solve the Dallas-Fort Worth’s water problems for what they hope would be forever. The lake being pitched … would deprive the timber industry that is vital to the economic well-being of many communities throughout the region.”

So, we will decimate a community and its economy so that folks can play in a fake lagoon.

Martha McSweeney, Larue