Letters to the Editor – Readers express their concerns about our environment

By Letters to the Editor
The Dallas Morning News, August 14, 2022

Signs from nature

We are depleting the Texas aquifers faster than they can be refilled. This can easily be checked with the Texas Water Board. There is a push to have another reservoir northeast of Dallas, the Marvin Nichols. What is the long-term cost to us?

Yes, this will mean “enough” water for sprinklers on lawns, but what do we gain when we lose an entire ecosystem?

Has anyone noticed how extreme the climate is worldwide? Why? Maybe because we can’t stop expanding and consuming. Our lifestyles affect the climate.

Are we heading to no water? With every species extinct?

Think of it — a tree just grows so tall. If it grows higher than the trunk can support, the tree falls over and dies. So why do we think we can keep growing and expanding?

-Ellen Taylor Seldin, Dallas