Red River County, Cass County officials oppose Marvin Nichols Reservoir

The State of Texas Water Plan recently bumped up the project’s suggested start date to 2050.

  • Northeast Texas communities are pushing back against the proposed Marvin Nichols Reservoir. The project has been debated at the state and regional level for years. If built, the reservoir would flood parts of the Sulphur River valley in Northeast Texas. Most of the reservoir would be in Red River County, with large parts in Titus and Franklin counties as well. Recently, the state water plan bumped up the proposed start date for the project to begin to 2050. In response, this month leaders in Red River and Cass counties passed resolutions opposing the project. Opponents of the project cite both environmental and economic reasons for their opposition. The project would flood hardwood bottomland forest which is now a rare habitat in Texas. Many acres of timber would be taken out of production. Advocates for the project say it will be necessary to supply the future water needs of the greater Dallas area.