ABC News 8: Water reservoir proposals in the DFW area

By WFAA Staff WFFA ABC News 8, Jul. 31, 2022
DALLAS — This past year has taught us not to take electricity for granted. Water is now another one of those resources and Texas needs more of it.
The cities of Dallas and Fort Worth say they’ll have to have five new reservoirs to keep up with all the new residents and businesses moving there. But building reservoirs means flooding thousands of acres in rural Texas. And folks in northeast Texas – where one of these is proposed – say they have too much at stake. That’s why folks in northeast Texas are fighting back against one proposed there called Marvin Nichols — that would send water to the metroplex.
Janice Bezanson – from the Texas Conservation Alliance – lays it out in a brand new episode of Y’all-itics we just released this morning.
Bezanson says “It was proposed back in 2001 and there was a tremendous fight against it, then, and it got postponed. But in the last revision of the state water plan, it was again moved forward to a time frame that’s comparable to when they would actually start building it in the near future. It’s to be completed by the year 2050 and in operation. But the proponents have always said, it will take them 30 years to get it permitted and built. 2050 is only 28 years from now.”